Huge Difference between Subway Systems of China and NYC

It has been two months since I arrived New York City, and this reminds me of how I felt very hard when I just got here.

One of the most terrible problems was the subway and train system.

New York is such a busy and large city, so that the subway system always with strong pressure, especially during periods of people going to work and home. Besides, the subway and train system in NYC is so complicated, compared to what I know in China.

subway_1If I define most of Chinese subway system as “line to line” and Beijing subway system as “area to area”, then I will give a definition of “city to city” to NYC subway system.

Why will I say this? I guess one of the reasons is the length. Taking NYC subway, I can almost go to everywhere, such as Brooklyn, Queens, Flushing, New Jersey and so on. I have to notice that there are three NBA basketball teams in NYC, Brooklyn and New Jersey. NBA locates each of its team according to different cities, except for Los Angles. I think that can show me how large NYC subway and train system is.

Another reason I called the NYC subway system a “city to city” is the different landscapes of each subway station. “Musicians” can seen very often in most of stations. They play music by different kinds of instruments, which I think is very interesting. I know they are playing for their living, and I show my respect to them, but I do think they look so funny when playing instruments in places instruments should not appear.

When there are bad weather and fixing actions, there are always notifications on the official website of MTA: I think this is a very nice and lovely setting to customers, which cannot be seen in China.

An interesting phenomenon I can see in NYC subway station is that people can always stop the train by blocking the door closing. This kind of action is defined as a extremely dangerous behavior in China and totally banned.


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  1. yzhao18 says:

    As the most convenient and ancient transportation in New York, subway is treated as the symbol of the city but at the same time, always broken due to various reasons — that’s why I am bothered and often late for school and dating.

    1. zaaronnnnnn says:

      Yeah, that is one of the main problems. But I guess the government is working on it.

  2. gab347 says:

    I will agree that this system does have its issues. It definitely needs improvement. It does have its good points but again it is in need of some serious changes. I have been on many subway systems and one of the best was in Tokyo. I have had my issues with individuals holding the doors, but in Tokyo if you do that you will be taking a trip somewhere else. Once station crews blow the whistle you had not touch the doors. The subway system there is immaculate and you can physically where a white suit and eat on the tracks without getting dirty. Try that out on the subway tracks here ! Forget about it ! There is usually so much garbage and standing water in the station tracks which breeds disease. Check this out :

    1. zaaronnnnnn says:

      Great analysis, I will check it out late. Thanks!

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