Have you ever been denied something you deserved? something you know was rightly yours, but was denied either by fate or man?

Such an event made you sad, depressed and even helpless, but could it be that such seemingly hopeless situation could actually be a blessing in disguise?
I heard the story of a lady who had been invited to sign a new contract for her invention. The story goes that the appointment was confirmed, and the lady had booked a flight to travel for this all important contract signing. The nature of the project was such that missing the already confirmed appointment would lead to outright loss of the contract opportunity. cognizant of this fact, the lady had made early preparations and booked a flight on the most reliable local airliner.
However, upon arrival at the airport, the lady was informed that the flight was full. She was asked to wait for the next flight, which was scheduled to depart a day later than her confirmed appointment. She felt frustrated, helpless and dejected. She did all she could to get on the flight, including offering money to another passenger for his seat. After it was all over, she missed the flight, and ultimately, her all important appointment. It felt like the worst day of her life – aday that should never have been.
As the lady arrived home dejected and disappointed, she turned to her TV for comfort, and there it was!. The plane she had struggled so hard to board had just crashed – midway in to the flight. Certainly she felt pained by the fact that so many lives had been lost in this accident, but wasn’t she supposed to be happy that she could have been dead, had she successfully boarded that flight? She stood in her room transfixed, not knowing whether to weep or rejoice. Certainly she had lost a prized business opportunity by not making the appointment. However, missing that appointment came more as a blessing than a curse.
In life, we encounter many situations as that of this lady, whose seemingly unfavorable situation turned out to be a blessing. As the Holy Bible says, “All things work together for those who love God”. There is indeed no situation that can be described as a totally adverse one. If we would only see good in every situation, and console ourselves in the knowledge that what seems unfavorable may just be a blessing in disguise, the world would be such a wonderful place – with every curse turned in to a blessing in disguise.

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  1. trbills says:

    I like this post. You know the saying “everything happens for a reason”? I think that goes along with this. I’ve heard stories similar to this, like people who were supposed to be on the flights that were involved with the crash into the World Trade on 9/11, and something in their schedule or life caused them to either miss the flight or cancel it altogether. Things like this really make you wonder about fate and purpose.

  2. stephosma says:

    I like hearing stories like this. Sometimes we can see how something that we wanted but didn’t get, would have been bad for us. But many times we don’t see how it could have been bad. So this is great because Im a firm believer that if you didn’t get something it was probably not good for you even if you don’t know why.

  3. adiepriye says:

    @trbills, really ‘everything happens for a reason’ and we should always stop and appreciate every chance we have while we are still on this earth. life truly is a mystery.

  4. adiepriye says:

    @stephosma, I’m a big believer too! if i didn’t get something i desperately wanted, then i know it wasn’t for me, and i always thank God for it, because the Bible say ”all things works together for good to them that love God…” I love God and i know the plans he has for me are good.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me Stephosma, have a blessed day!

  5. mvanomme says:

    Wow! This is a really scary yet amazing story. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

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