Common Problems at American Universities—Diploma Mill Universities for International Students

diploma mill (also known as a degree mill) is an organization that awards academic degrees and diplomas with substandard or no academic study and without recognition by official educational accrediting bodies. The purchaser can then claim to hold an academic degree, and the organization is motivated by making a profit.Nowadays, more and more international students are getting their bachelor or master degrees all over the world, especially in the USA, and it can’t be more normal for Chinese overseas students. And some American think some of the Chinese are rich now, they can provide “Noble Foreign Degree” to satisfy those rich’s inner cultural and literary demands. How are the diploma mill universities (DMUs) forming?  How can we avoid being admitted in DMUs? What is the influence on employment?

As I mentioned above, for international students who are far far away from oversea campus, internet-based distant learning is becoming more and more popular.

However, in the commercial field as I see, anything that is popular must meet two requirements: in need and in supply. On the needed side, international students or native American people, out of reasons like, they know the diploma is fake but it is in urgent need or they don’t know it’s fake so they were cheated. For instance, some Chinese students are not qualified for a good university in China, and want to pursue a college education abroad but with the idea that they can master everything without necessary language skill. On the supplying side, basically, easy access to Internet provides opportunities for more information, advertisements and distant fraudulent courses. Plus, some of the universities or diploma mill organizations want to make profits through this globalization atmosphere. Their central bases are always in U.S. only for an overseas reputation for international students. Now, there exists another kind of diploma mill which shows up with cooperation.

A FOX 5 investigation in 2012 discovered some professors at the University of the District of Columbia who claim to have Ph.D.s, got them from Commonwealth Open University which fits the government definition of a diploma mill.Students at the school were disturbed that the university was unaware of the questionable degrees obtained by faculty. The lack of legitimate credentials also angered them.It has already caused the unfairness of competing from the students’ anger. Not only that, but also accelerating the corruption and cheating in educational industry, for teachers are fake, so can students.

A degree isn’t that important when comparing to live yourself in honesty. To raise our social status, diploma is necessary but true heart is important as well. Money can buy everything but cannot become your inner ability. For those diploma mill organizers, there should be legislations to protect the name University’s legal position because until now there is no federal law that would unambiguously prohibit diploma mills. Only forbid both needs and purvey can DMUs stop milling.

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