Safety -Blog This #4

Safety –  Blog this #4

Well here we are again, confronted with this continuous headache of oblivious individuals on our streets, hallways, subways, buses.  It is extremely scary to continuously have to contend with this annoyance.  Everyone is just too evolved with this cell phone stuff.  It is driving me crazy.   Its not just that I may be appear to have a negative viewpoint of those individuals using cell phone technology, but just the opposite.  It is an amazing jump into technology and it is a lifestyle that is a real problem.  Let us take a more serious look around.  You must agree that these devices are taking over in more ways that one.  We are becoming overly dependent on these fantastic innovations and it has disconnected most from reality.

Let us change the area of interest for the minute. It is so apparent that everyone is being manipulated by industry. How would that be? Well it is also obvious on how millions of people are so gadget influenced.  Industry is very aware of  how they can capture the buying public by product upgrades and changes forthcoming with there current devices.  They draw everyone in by convincing you that this innovation is the best and the greatest thing since sliced bread.  This is really evident by the recent announcement other greatest time piece ever created. I do believe you know the company that is notorious for the  ability to get into your wallet.  Do you really need this electronic toy?  Isn’t everyone already tied up enough?

subway awareness english crop subway awareness crop

Oh yes and by the way here is something that the NYPD are now handing out to hopefully make you more aware of the critical situation now at hand. I have put it in both English and Spanish.


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