Spring Break, Miami here I come!

Sunrise at Miami Beach

What an amazing week! This Spring Break was just fabulous! It’s been almost two years since I moved to NYC and I have never had the opportunity to travel in the United States. So for my Spring break, I decided to leave the state. Between us, everyone of you I’m sure is tired of this awful New York whether between rain, cold, and snow. Naturally, I decided to travel to a sunny town. Miami here I come!

I love to travel and especially discover new cities. At the first step out of the plane in Florida I really feel on IMG_6504holiday for good. 90 degrees, bright sunshine, palm trees, and beaches. The dream. At only three hours from NYC, it’s impressive to have such a change on the whether. We were staying in North Miami at Miami Beach. The Airbnb website is great to find a cheap and well placed accommodation. Besides, this experience allows us to meet people and build relationships. Our host, Christian, was very nice to us. Seeing that we didn’t know the city and the neighborhood at all, he told us the best known places in town, and the good restaurants. We kept in touch and he invited us to come back again at his house. It’s a happiness to be led on the beach, with our feet in the see. Especially when we think about all our New Yorker friends who were under the rain (haha yes I’m vicious). The beaches are beautiful but completely different between the North and the South. In the North the beaches are more quiet, more family, while in the South the sand is finer and whiter. The South is also always crowded. In fact, all South beach hotels are on the beach, so they use their beach umbrellas and chairs in the middle of all idle onlookers.


Every morning, we went for a jogging on the beach. Thirty minutes of jogging before sunrise. And what a sunrise! It was beautiful. We were the only ones on the beach, surrounded by the seagulls, and the colorful lifeguards houses.

Downtown Miami is a bit disappointing actually. There is almost nothing to see, except for a outdoor mall and a university. However, there are many museums to visit. Miami is a city centre on art. There is also the Tennis Open now. What is good downtown is that you can go around the city for free thanks to the Metromover. It’s kind of a tramway and it makes stops throughout the city. We concluded that Miami is perfect for the beaches, but that’s it! So if you want sun and warmth just a few hours flight from NYC, don’t wait and go straight to Miami!



9 Comments Add yours

  1. alinewbr says:

    You ‘re so lucky ! I hope that I could go to Miami One day !! Every dreams comes trues !!

    1. marinemarcenac says:

      Las Vegas or the Hamptons maybe soon !

  2. yzhao18 says:

    What a beautiful place for vacation! I’ve been to Miami during winter break and it’s fantastic to feel the warm sand on the beach.I love the photos you took and they are my dreaming beach, also absolutely what can be seen in Miami!

    1. marinemarcenac says:

      Isn’t it ? The beaches are gorgeous but I know places where it is even more beautiful! I was born in the Indian Ocean and the beaches at Mauricius and Rodrigues are absolutely stunning.

      1. yzhao18 says:

        Wonderful! I would put India in the list of my graduation travel destinations!!

  3. zaaronnnnnn says:

    I also went to Miami during my spring break. It was wonderful and fantastic there, especially the beaches!

    1. marinemarcenac says:

      Maybe we bumped into eachother!

  4. hridya01 says:

    Beautiful place. Its my first time in the US and I hope I get to travel soon. And those pictures make feel like catching a flight and soaking in the sunshine in Miami right away.

    1. marinemarcenac says:

      It is really not so far from NYC and it is not a very expansive trip and expensive city. If you want to travel not as far as Miami is, you can to the Hamptons. You have also beautiful beaches and small beach houses. It changes your habits!

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