There is not only in Harlem that you can see a Gospel!

As a French Student, Gospel Masses are one characteristic of the USA. In fact, in France, there are not Gospel Masses, or maybe only in Paris. I do not really know but it is not common in my country.

Off course, I want to several Gospel Masses ! And I really like it. People seems to be very happy, even sometimes too much happy.  The songs are very rousing, and give the desire to dance. If you are not in a good mood, a Gospel Mass can be very heartwarming.

After having tried, almost all the church on the Lexington Avenue in Harlem, I was a little bit disappointed. Indeed, the masses were not like in my dream.. and like in movies. When I think of Gospel, I immediately think about the movie « Sister Act » with the famous Whoopi Goldberg.I imagine a Mass with a huge and festal atmosphere, which I did not find in the different churches in Harlem.  I tried to go to the Abyssinian Church, which is very famed in Harlem. However, it is impossible to see the service of 11:00 AM, except if you do the queue at 8:00 AM. However, I am not a morning person; so I scraped this idea.
All this to say that I found an amazing Gospel Mass in Brooklyn: The Brooklyn Tabernacle !!

Yes, your heard me: Brooklyn !


During the spring break, I tried this mass with a part of my family that came to see me in New York. I was very specific of idea to go in Brooklyn to see a Gospel…

However, the church is splendid ! It is a huge place. I think that approximately 300 (or even more) people can be in the church at the same to see a service. The service looks like a show or a concert ! There was 200 chorister ! It’s really impressive! There are not too much tourists ! And people seem to be so happy during this event ! They are very friendly and speak easily to you ! It’s so funny !


So YES, there is not only in Harlem that you can see a good Gospel !! You have to go to the Brooklyn Tabernacle 🙂



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  1. mvanomme says:

    I actually live in Harlem and know that there are some pretty amazing gospel choirs at some of the local churches off of Adam Clayton and Lenox Avenue (more on the Westside) But I’m glad that you found a gospel choir that you found to be interesting and spectacular. There are definitely A LOT of great churches in almost every borough, town, and state in the US that you can go to in order to experience some of the greatest gospel show choirs not just Harlem or Brooklyn. Happy travels!

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