Amazing Trip


What a pleasant week! The spring break comes and as planned several weeks ago, I went for an expected journey to Orlando, to enjoy the biggest Disney theme park. We visited two Disney parks (Epcot and Magic Kingdom), Universal Studio, Island of Adventure and Sea World. Everyday we came home tired-looking because we went out early and returned late in order to walk around the whole park in a day.

Magic Kingdom is the most adorable world that is full of wonders and dreams. Epcot leads me to a modern and high-tech space. The Universal Studio and Island of adventure are the most exciting parks among all. (these two parks are connected with each other by the Hogwarts express.) These two parks each have a Harry Potter Theme park and they both vividly reproduce the scenes in the movies. In island of adventure, I experienced extremely thrilling and screaming ups and downs. And then in Universal studio, I witness a lot of 3-D scenes and how to shoot disasters and scientific fictions using high-technology. What impresses me most is the shuma-show in Sea World. It’s the first time that the killer whales are trained to communicate with human beings. I never thought that the whales are clever enough to understand human language. With no doubt, I fall in love with this lovely ocean creature when seeing their wonderful performance.

I’m totally amazed by the human’s brains and abilities to create such a fantastic world.


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  1. zaaronnnnnn says:

    It seems you like the Disney very much, and I think it is a good thing to keep yourself always being young!

    1. yzhao18 says:

      Exactly!!! I feel I was a little girl there, addicted in fairy tale!

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