Wallet Feeling Light? OTT Services may be the way to save

As we all want to save a good amount of money its often hard to determine where to start. People try and cut what is not needed and often go to far as to cut things that are actually necessary, but in the day and age we can minimize somethings to a point where were saving money but also streamlining things. Speaking from an opinionated standpoint i have four things that cost the most Cell service, cable service, Rent and internet, they ll are huge parts of my financial burdens. I cant drop my rent, i can downgrade my cell service and i am certainly not getting rid of my internet, leaving one thing, My cable service. Cable services some believe is a dying medium of linear television watching and some believe it truthfully is making a come back, but in the end i think that all people can agree that it is expensive!… way to expensive..Luckily were starting to get options that may give every one some interest. The average cost of cable in 2014 was 64 dollars which was an average over america ( im not sure where there getting those numbers, mines a lot higher) but compared to new OTT services which vary from 20-30, you could be saving over 40 dollars a month which equates to $480 dollars a year.

So what are the options that may be to goo do be true? the first one and most intriguing is a service that is getting alot of traction quickly, it is called sling TV which goes for about 20 dollars (base package) and comes with 17 channels that are fed live. all you need is a internet or cellular connection Sling

Even with this price range it seems a little high to be spending on only 17 channels, when you have things like HULU, netflix, HBO GO, and other that are popping up everywhere.We really need to see the trend but as you lock in a provider now you may be able to lock in the prices while getting more added on in the future as the companies start to battle.

What are your takes on this price savings? is this something you would give up? Maybe just give up all TV!


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