Road trip! Do you really enjoy it ?

I love traveling and nobody hates it. When I was a teenager and I was always imaging that one day I can drive to some places where nobody knows me and to feel freedom and enjoy the time all by myself. The reason why I had this road trip imagination is that I was influenced by some movies like ”Into the Wild” and ” Elizabethtown”.

Photo by Jenni Konrad
Photo by Jenni Konrad

Even I feel stupid about this past thing now, but I thought road trip is so cool and excited when I was watching those movies. So couple years ago after my graduation I decided to have a road trip and my plan was drive from Orlando to Key West.  At first I felt a little nervous because it was my first time to drive aboard after all. Then I was tried to enjoy the moment but I couldn’t because I had to focus on driving and I felt exhausted. And till the end I didn’t even have any oppotunity to see those beautiful view.

Do I really enjoy road trip, and the answer is No! After that times I even start to question those movies, how can they look so cool when they have road trip?


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