Interesting Things in Atlantic City !!!

I made my mind to travel around US during the studying period here, I also want to record every detail of travelling in the blog to memerize . Durting the spring break, I went to visit the Atlantic City with my friend. It is said that it’s a gamble, casino and night life city. People call it as a small les vegas .  I was very excited about this trip because in china gamble is illegal in any city in any way.

We ariived early in the morning and walked in the city before checking in. It is a small peaceful city, not many people walking in the street, completely different from new york city. It was a pretty warm day, we walked on beach started the trip!


There is one interesting spot where  a lot of adopted cats. Tourists are not allowed to five them food, instead of which somebody will feed them at regular time~they are soooo adorable and cute~ I am happy to see these cats have home now or at least they do not need to look for shelter anynmore. there is also a borad saying that abandon cat in NJ is illegal, and anyone who does it will be fine at least 1000 dollars. I really really want people in china could pay attention on these poor animals, abandoning pets are going on every day, I hope oneday we could have a specific law about it.


for dinner, I tried the seafood there, it was good but to be hoest, I was surprised to see even the seafood was cooking in fried way….no offence but I really think most of American should eat in heathier way


beyond any doubt, we must go to casino! Since we are all students, I have limitation of budget that I can lose in the casino  (yeah we know we gonna lose money! ) Surprisingly I made some small money that happened to afford my breakfast next morning lol… I was lucky.


looking back we did so much things in Atalantic City~We went to watch the moive of Cinderalla in IMAX , it only cost 15 dollars but in NYC, IMAX always cost 20 dollars! Human being are interesting , when you go to less worse place from the worst place, you feel WOW! I think I will feel this way whenever I go in US, becoz I live in the most expensive city .

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It was a nice trip ! the memory will last although  time keep going !


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  1. apeureux says:

    I have a friend who went in Atlantic City for spring break too and she really loved her two days spent there 🙂

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