Violence against women: ending the global scourge


This week I read an article Violence against women. This artical shows that 13.5% of homicide are committed by an intimate partner and the proportion of female homicide is six times higher than male homicide: 38.6% versus 6.3%. This violence is not only a failing in law enforcement. It also refers women who have been physically or sexually abused by their partners have higher rates of health problems than women who have not suffered from intimate partner violence. They are twice as likely to have depression and abortion and are more likely to acquire HIV.  After reading this article, I finally understand there are so many female suffering from violence. I didn’t meet it before, which doesn’t mean it does not exist. As the author said, violence against women is not only a criminal justice, it is also a health problem. It causes physical and psychological harm to women, the government should provide more health care and emotional support to those survivals. I am so surprised that so many homicide were committed by their intimate partners. It strengthens the difficulty to prevent and control those violence. Many female choose not to tell others they are suffering from violence as they still believe their intimate partners are not deliberate and they will become good. It is hard for government to find those victim if the victim doesn’t want to step out to tell the truth. The only way to prevent the violence against women is that women themselve stand out to ask for help. I personally suggest that the community officer can strengthen their function to give more care to citizens.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. zaaronnnnnn says:

    It seems that women and violence are two hot topics for many years!

  2. laurepierrey says:

    There is also violence against men even if media talk more about women 😉

  3. yzhao18 says:

    Violence is a universal challenge whether who the target is. I agree with the suggestion about encouraging them to step out to protect women’s right!!!

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