Must Love ‘Pits’

For ages, dogs have been known as “man’s best friend”, however, American Pit bull Terriers (commonly known as “Pits” for short) have managed to earn the reputation of being quite the opposite.

TysonOver the years, various reports of violent incidents including organized dog fights, vicious attacks and deadly maulings, have all dramatically shaped the views of many as it relates to the handling and overall ownership of this specific breed of dogs.

Owning a dog in New York City is a great challenge in of itself but owning a Pit bull is almost discouraged. While many apartments buildings may allow for dogs, both small and large breeds, they often times explicitly prohibit specific larger breeds such as Pits. Although I completely understand why many people hold the views that they do on this specific breed, I feel that it’s unfair at the same time. In my opinion it’s similar to the concept of “a few bad apples ruining it for the bunch”.

tyson 2 I recently came across a viral video 0f a 4-year old girl feeding a pack of pit bulls which to me is proof that not every Pit bull can be categorized or classified as a vicious beast. I myself have been a Pit owner for my entire life and have had nothing but great experiences with my dogs. My Pit bulls have been nothing but loyal, loving and gentle animals that are full of personality. I personally love the pit bull breed and always will. I think that it’s time that people give this breed a chance and start to show them love rather than fear.

What are your thoughts?


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  1. trbills says:

    A few of my friends have pet pitbulls and love them. Both of them have children too I might add. I have always found them to be friendly dogs. It’s really a shame they have such a social stigma on them because of people that train them to fight. They’re really not an aggressive breed of dog.

  2. mvanomme says:

    Thanks Trbils! They really are friendly dogs!! The pits that I have had have been nothing short of sweet. They are super protective of their owners/family members but I honestly believe that’s typical of most dominant large breed dogs. I hope to continue spreading the word and sharing the love of pit bulls!

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