5 Major Things I’ve Learned By 23

#1.  I Am the One Who Decides Whether I’m Going to Have a Good Time or Not     https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisschoenbohm/5104367911/in/photolist-8M4dKi-4Ku5wm-76arrd-9H3Sbz-8TBZrP-4zs2oN-6S7SBn-7zQ38n-7uRXUK-3LpXc5-9GfTrZ-8Neysf-6redvn-6MwNT2-6DhkE6-5dwThf-8bke9S-6HMzvL-8LP3br-4Kb3oG-7Wbyjs-7pE8E2-gjrbDH-3PJmvH-79oJQe-9REUoB-9JeBXW-ePqYAj-6EDdQS-6JUkGd-aixs6V-6QDQ8k-7ste86-33Vzk6-74jbuR-8QF3cH-8U9NgW-4KGLsz-7kjynx-8TUzHG-8Nb3o6-6Hwgje-4tYgK2-3eq1TS-2WnpF1-g2cc2h-74wqPz-7mVhJ2-2gC88s-9QhK5h

Back in my teen years, my behavior was dictated by the environment. If I went to a party with my friends and they wanted to stay together and not socialize with the rest of the people there. I felt like as much as I wanted to be dancing and meeting new people, I would not go by myself, so I was stuck sitting down with them. I have learned that you have the most fun when you go and do what you feel like doing. Usually, most people join when you’re having a good time.

#2. Never Ever Ever Believe Someone Loves You, Just Because They Say They Do

Oucchh, that sounds like I’ve been burned. ha ha who hasn’t? Love goes far deeper than words. If he/she is not actually showing that they love you. I have two words for you. DUMP THEM. I have learned that there are many people in the world, who are actually really good at loving. Having a great relationship helped me grow as a person much faster and less painfully than a bad relationship ever could.

#3. Don’t Use People

This one is like the last one but in reverse. I am ashamed to say that for the sake of just having a boyfriend or for other reasons, there were times that I used men. I saw no harm in it. Both of us are having a good time, what’s the big deal right? Wrong! The big deal is that if you are not serious about someone, then there is no reason to be in a relationship with them. Why hurt their feelings when you break up with them because you’re bored and they are far too deep in?

#4. Whatever Morals or Ethic Code You Have, Stick to It!

People pleasing is something that can take you to places you really don’t want to go down to. I read somewhere that a big percentage of alcoholics said they got to where they are, because they couldn’t say no to their friends. Having set morals in has helped me to say “no” in those times when life gave me really gray, blurry choices. I have never regretted sticking to my ethic code, whereas I have painfully learned this list on the times that I went far from it.

#5. I Don’t Deserve to Take A Break

This one sounds weird. Well, here is how I came to have this sentence as a mantra. When I’m feeling lazy, which is a lot, I start doing my homework or whatever I have to do and then after 15 minutes I say, “I’ve done a lot, I deserve a small break.” Then I go on to take a 5 hour reality show break. Then I freak out and start my HW again for 15 mins, and then I say “I’ve done a lot, I deserve a break” and the cycle keeps going. So, I’ve learned I only deserve a break when Im out of breath, in pain or I’ve done at least a good productive hour of something.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. zaaronnnnnn says:

    It seems that you are becoming more independent!

  2. stephosma says:

    Thank you! I sure hope so ha ha

  3. laurepierrey says:

    Nice post! You seem very mature and you learn from your mistakes. Good 🙂

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