Is it the time to automate your place?

We all love home automation, with the fancy phone apps, the auto on devices and the smart homes that do everything is this the right time to invest or wait? Looking through the plethora of options out there your budget can really determine where you stand or if adding a little technical complexity to your life is the right decision. There are so many options out there, and some are for the millionaires and some are for the savvy buyers like us. With little start ups handing tools out every day there are some companies that stand out and offer the best solutions.


Belkin offers a plethora of different devices that are actually really cool! and offer a quick way to start and expand easily where Belkin offers no Audio visual control gear they offer the ability to set up a house hold for lighting and most interesting security. Belkin gives the user the ability to purchase motion sensors, light sensors, fire alarm sensors and most importantly door sensors. which may be a cost saving! think about your alarm company monitoring service its quite a lot every month but if you integrate your own system over a one year time period you can ditch the security company and become your own private monitoring service for little money, it is your security were dealing with!

Nest & Its Friends

Nest was thought to believe just a thermostat device, but in actuality it has the ability to merge seamlessly with a ton of other companies to give the you the home automation of fire protection, door security, laundry, and camera security. Nest has the all inclusive idea of letting each device work seamlessly in an environment it has all the abilities and all the specs to make things happen when you want it ( or when you dont) for example your nest sees your home? your smoke detector senses fire? all your lights turn red to get the hell out… i guess kinda cool

Take a look online at these places to determine that maybe you might need some automation


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