American Sniper, a true homage ?

I watched American Sniper yesterday, which is the last Clint Eastwood movie inspired by the true storyAmerican_Sniper_poster of Chris Kyle.

The main character, Chris Kyle, is a Navy SEAL sniper, who is considered as a legend in the U.S military History as he is the deadliest man in the Iraq War. The movie is sharply contested all over the world because it would reconsider the veracity of the Iraq War in terms of political motivations, and mainly about the non-existence of weapon of mass destruction by a subliminal way. Also, some U.S snipers or U.S soldiers, who have done the Iraq War, criticize the movie as unrealistic about the psychological trauma and some other facts they have experienced in the field.

Despite all of these criticisms, I found that American Sniper is a good movie, which shows us the difficulties of psychological trauma post-war that we have finally never speak about in a movie. It is also a nice story of an engaged and patriotic man, who decided to consecrate his life to his military engagement. To me, the film is a perfect mix of a war movie, a drama and a love story. The movie took me in so many emotions that I think about it even after few days. It really transported me a marked me because of the war cruelty, and because I felt attached to the character who suffered of his team’s losses. Bradley Cooper is absolutely breathtaking in this role, and he really carries the film. The fact is that the movie is inspired by real facts, taken from Kale’s autobiography, makes it authentic and believable. I think that American Sniper is a very good homage to its national hero, and it highlights all U.S soldiers engaged in the Iraq War. Whatever if this war is politically justified or not, these soldiers have really gave their life in this war. This actually deserves a movie, in my mind.


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