So I was talking to a lady I met at the train station some days ago and it got me thinking how ironic and twisted life could be. While I listened to her, I became empathetic; not just because

7120666327_044b427ea7_nshe’s been hurt, but because I felt her misery and understood her quest for some justice which had unfortunately taken the form of revenge. She carried these weapons (her grief and revenge) like an albatross everywhere she went. One tiny problem however is that this shadow has now being her permanent visitor for eighteen whole years!

Hmmmm, Like I said, we can all relate to this woman’s experience because one way or another, we may all have been hurt: some of  us hurt enough to carry the burden for a long time seeking justice, while others are courageous enough to let it go. Whatever category you find yourself, unforgiveness is a burden too heavy for anyone to bear.

A burden is anything that weighs us down. Burdens are usually heavy and unbearable. It is easy to deal with a physical burden, but the emotional or psychological burdens are normally the most depressing. Here I was, listening to a lady of my age, telling me all the ill treatment she had received from members of her family: her mum and step dad who saw nothing good in her, and the frequent night visits she got from him as a child.

Determined enough to pay her family back for all the evil done to her, but the more she tried to be on top; the faster her free fall. Like I said, a burden is an unnecessary weight that no one should carry. One sure way to carry this kind of weight is to not let go! Not forgiving! Seeking revenge is anti-God. It pulls you down therefore, beclouds your judgment, makes you bitter; and like cancer, it eats you up one day at a time.

Although I felt this woman’s pain, I couldn’t bring myself to seat in her boat of un-forgiveness. As I gently encouraged her to let go, she responded with shock and bewilderment at how “unkind” I could be. Looking at her, I came to another realization that this woman’s revenge has become her best friend; which made me want to help her all the more. It took two whole weeks of constant visiting and follow up for her shell to crack. Watching her cry her heart out, was something most rewarding.

Un-Forgiveness is a cancer that eats the life of its bearer. And like every cancerous cell, it should be dealt with ruthlessly; it’s should be seen as the enemy because it is !! Letting go of the wrong done to us shows how strong and brave we are -because the easy way out is to let the pain consume us, to wallow in our misery, but we are stronger than that, if we could pick ourselves up.


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  1. stephosma says:

    Hey, I really liked this post. I was most surprised at the last part where you actually went to visit her for the next two weeks. Usually people just feel bad, but don’t do anything about it. I just wanted to commend you for being an awesome human being!

  2. adiepriye says:

    Hi Stephosma, I’m glad you liked my post. Feeling bad about sometime and doing absolutely nothing will not make anybody’s life better. You will be surprise how a little show of concern can just brightens somebody’s day.

    Thanks again for appreciating this piece.

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