American History X

This week, I reviewed a film cast by one of my favorite actors —Edward Harrison Norton. A story arouses my interest to exploring American past social phenomenon.

The film exposes the real situation of American skinheads and the KKK. Through the film, we can get an in-depth understanding of their attitudes towards living conditions and social environment, as well as the cause, process of joining the skinheads and its harm to society. p1749534584These parts show their extreme and radical concept. On the other hand, we will feel the instability of American society and disharmony and confrontation between the white and colored races. The film ends with tragedy and sets the damage brought by the neo-Nazi in front of people and this gives the audience deep thinking.

In a large scale, the distinction among social groups results from a psychological sense of belonging. First of all, the color of their skin will give people of the same color a sense of affinity. What’s more, the region, descent and language have the similar influence. From my point of view, some prejudices or some concepts and ideas formed later will push you towards the organization closer and closer. If more people like you are forced to get close to the organization, your sense of belonging will upgrade.

In the end, Daniel said, “Hate is baggage. Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time. It’s just not worth it.” This is the end of the film and also the conclusion of Daniel’s report. I think this is what the film wants to convey. It’s not how to enlarge and then solve such a complicated racial political problem itself and it’s about an ordinary individual how to choose to face the problem under such a circumstance, how to achieve a balance between personal future and social fair and whether to cool or concern and retreat or resist.


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  1. laurepierrey says:

    This movie is a classical. Edward Norton is one of my favorite actor.

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