The Indoor Winter Flea Market

Last Sunday I made a great discovery which is the Indoor Winter flea market in New York City. It’s located at the 1000 Dean Street in Brooklyn and only 5 minutes walking from the Franklin subway station on the C line.

The place is completely amazing. There you’ll enjoy all kinds of stuff, mainly vintage clothes, furnitures and many objects from all around the world and around the ages. Also you will find furnitures and design objects from creators. Actually, There is something like 100 vendors into this flea market… You can not get bored! Then the good point of the place is that it’s not too messy. You can easily walk around the stands without the feeling to be oppressed and find what you want quickly without going though a big jumble. Finally, if you want to drink or eat something, you don’t need going outside the building, just go behind the market and there you will find 25 vendors selling food and beverage!

Basically, I didn’t use to spend time in that kind of places but I had the chance being with someone who is very interested about flea markets so he has got a very well knowledge on and he gave me the desire to do this more often.

The indoor Winter Flea Market of Brooklyn takes place from November to March, each Saturday and Saturday, from 10am to 6pm.

P.S: If you hate the hipsters, please do not go through this place!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. bwilliams088 says:

    this actually seems really cool…. i am going to try and take a stop here this weekend and see if there is any furniture i can grab to finish up my living room. i need something i can fix sand down and re stain lets hope this works!

    1. apeureux says:

      Hi Benjamin! I hope you found what you want for your living room, or at least enjoyed the place last week end!

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