India’s Daughter.. Really?

India’s Daughter, well the documentary made on the 2012 Delhi gang rape, directed  by Leslee Udwin and produced by BBC. I don’t know how many of you are aware of it. But it was one of the cases which moved the whole of India. A 23 year old physiotherapy student was gang raped in Delhi – the capital of India on the 16th of December, 2012 at 9 p.m. in the evening in a moving bus, had her intestines pulled out and subsequently died due to her injuries.

The documentary was supposed to be released in India and the UK on 8th March 2015 on the occasion of International Women’s Day but is now banned in India but was released in the UK and went viral on Youtube.  Yes, the documentary was banned in India but lakhs of Indians watched it online and we condemn it and we are definitely not proud to be India’s daughters.

There are various reasons why the documentary was banned in India, some say it didn’t comply with the law, some say it shows India in a bad light but honestly it is not about a country, it’s about humanity, it’s about the thought process. Rapes, they have been happening forever, in every country in the world. And when you watch the documentary you realize that it is not an Indian talking, it is a criminal, a rapist. And honestly more than anything else it is when you hear the defense lawyer talk, that really boils your blood. As an Indian I would really want to defend India on that, that is not what the Indian culture preaches, our culture (I won’t say it is the best in the world) but it definitely doesn’t say that it has no place for women. The Indian culture infact worships women and I have been a witness for that. But inspite of that I want the world to see the documentary, I want every single person to watch it and understand that it wasn’t an act influenced by any culture, it is an act driven by inhumanity.

Six people were involved in the act, one of them them a juvenile, who will be released in the coming December. A juvenile who not only raped the girl but was the one to pull out her intestines with his bare hands. A juvenile who conducted the horrifying act while he was in his senses, and all he gets in return is three years imprisonment in a juvenile home. A lot of people are against the documentary because they believe that it stands for the accused voice, it is making them a celebrity but I think that the documentary gives us an insight into the human mind or should I say the inhumane mind?

No country or religion supports ‘Rape’, Women the world over are a symbol of strength and love. It is time we all not just watch these documentaries and criticize them, but stand together as a society and as humans to fight against the evil that is destroying us called “rape”.


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  1. zaaronnnnnn says:

    Raping is always a big social problem, but I just cannot image that when it becomes a national problem. I think human being should progress the law to protect more people.

    1. hridya01 says:

      I completely agree with you. We need to change a few laws so that the issue of rapes can be handled better.

  2. adiepriye says:

    Rape is a disease, if not attend to could cause serious disfunction in our society. The occurrence however is every where and in every community. Every woman has this hidden fear of rape. Like a various it should be dealt with but not individually but collectively.

    1. hridya01 says:

      I agree with you Priye. I think it is time with deal with the issue not individually as a community but as a society.

  3. gmarit says:

    I don’t know Indian laws about rape but it is sure that is need to be more severe about criminal sanctions all over the world.

    1. hridya01 says:

      Indian laws aren’t that strict specially for a crime like rape. I agree with you that we need to have more severe punishments.

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