I-watch brings a new age of marketing

Apple Company announced that the newest electronic product — i-watch had met people. I-watch, which contained all functions of i-phone and i-pad, and was much lighter and more convenient.

After I read this news, I suddenly realized that a significant and new age had come, which was a marketing mode called “integration”.

Most of people in the world used Apple product such as i-phone, i-pad and mac book air(Apple laptop) and some of them has already got used to and could not leave these products.

When people get used to something, it could be such a hard task for them to change their habits, unless they have to. Besides, pressure from working hurt people a lot so that very few people had time to consider their options. Under this kind of circumstance, people began to be addicted to and relied on Apple products.

Nowadays, many companies begin to execute the “integration” plan, which can provide all services to their clients and avoid to waste time and money.

For example, Taobao, the most famous Chinese purchasing website, was only a trading platform firstly, but began to develop other functions later, such as producing and sending products. When Taobao is able to do this, it means that Taobao will not need to negotiate with other business partners. As a result, Tabao can be the only boss to their clients and save much money and human source.

I think Apple Company also followed this tendency, when it produced i-watch to keep grabbing people’s eyes on Apple products. What followed was that people would buy i-watch when seeing all their friends were using it. As a result, the “virus” of Apple products would spread out and could not be prevented. I think this will be the final goal of the company.

I have to say that it is such a fantastic strategy if not accident is going to happen!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. adiepriye says:

    You sound like a fan of Apple. I’m glad they are looking for new means to stay on top of the game. Let’s see what this new gadget has in store for us.

    1. zaaronnnnnn says:

      Actually I am not a fan of Apple, but Apple does help us a lot in our life.

  2. bwilliams088 says:

    Its all there but i have been wearing a Samsung watch since august! and a pebble before that. nothing new so far! but good luck to apple to create the next best thing

    1. zaaronnnnnn says:

      I also think that other watches are also good enough, but what apple is good at is to bring out apple functions by their new products.

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