crazy about luxury product

This weekend I went to the outlet shopping center with my friends, because many of my friends asked me to bring bags or watches back to China and these product is cheaper here. It takes us one hour to get to outlet village. I really feel exausted after one hour trip by bus. They are so many people, especially Chinese people, crowding in the shopping stores and people are hurry to find their goods.

In outlet shopping center, I saw so many Chinese people crazy about buying luxury bags to bring back to China. This place evenly becomes a tourism attraction. I do not understand this phenomenn at first. This luxury product seems not luxury for American people, as they use dollar to pay dollar. If an American people has a monthly salary at 2000 dollar, it seems not lavish for him to buy a bag at 100 dollar. On the other hand, some Chinese people only get paid RMB 2000 for a month, they still pay RMB620 (about $100) for a minibag. It is not a normal attitude towards consumption. Obviously, foreign product seems to be a higher level than domestic product in Chinese people’s mind. They chase for the “luxury product”, which is not luxury in other nationality’s mind at all, to get a superior position in the soceity. These product becomes a symbol of identity to give them superiority complex. It is an ill concept of expense.


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