Dancing Man.

Sadly, body shaming and bullying have been quite prevalent in our society lately. Magazines, television and movies give us images of what we should look like, how we should strive for perfection, even though the majority of those images have been altered digitally and pictures touched up in Photoshop. So society then uses that image to compare to what we see on a daily basis. Thing is, there is no normal. There is no perfect. Everyone is flawed and has flaws. Some people struggle with their weight, skin problems, birthmarks, curly hair, straight hair, pimples, cold sores… the list goes on and on. We shouldn’t be making other people feel bad about themselves just because of how they look. What we need to do is see what’s on the inside. That’s what matters.

Earlier this week someone posted a picture on a blog called ‘4chan’ of an overweight man dancing in a nightclub. They laughed at him and took his picture, he stopped dancing when he saw that they were making fun of him. A group of women saw the post and took to Twitter to find the man. It even became a trending topic: #DancingMan . Eventually they found him and he created a Twitter himself with the handle of @DancingManFound . Turns out his name is Sean and he lives in London. The ladies created a GoFundMe page and collected donations to throw a dance party and a few celebrities have already said they want to come. Moby said he would DJ for free, Ellie Goulding wants to dance with him, Pharrell wants to perform, and the Los Angeles Coliseum will also host the event for free. The party will also benefit an anti-bullying campaign.

I think this is a great example of how social media can be used for good. Despite those bullies who made Sean feel bad about his weight, he has now become the face of a movement. A movement against them and against people who encourage body shaming.


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  1. hridya01 says:

    Thanks for sharing. You have rightly said, the media creates such unrealistic body images that we often forget to look beyond what greets our eye. It is the people who should interest us and not how they look.

  2. trbills says:

    I agree! All of this makes me happy, it shows that not all people are like that.

  3. lyu06 says:

    I do agree with you. different people has different aesthetic standard. someone like slim figure, while another like cute and plump figure. we shouldn’t force us to change ourselves appearance to appeal to others.

    1. trbills says:

      That’s true. There’s a saying that “There’s someone out there for everyone’. Everyone is special in their own way.

  4. adiepriye says:

    Finally social media could be used for something good! Thanks for sharing, it’s good to know that people are doing something about social media bullying.

    1. trbills says:

      That’s exactly how I felt! Social media has such a far reach and such power. We should definitely use it for good!

  5. zaaronnnnnn says:

    Yes, social media could do a lot. I think the case is about priming and framing.

    1. trbills says:

      I agree. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

  6. bwilliams088 says:

    I saw this to, i am not sure the new generation can handle difference and equality, i feel as though maybe i live in a bubbled environment but i treat and respect every one and i would hope 99% of the people out there do as well, but i know the sad reality is that they don’t!

    1. trbills says:

      I am the same way. I see especially in New York City that most do not either.

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