March 5, an amazing night at Madison Square


One of the reasons why I choose live in New York is that I can see various  concerts and shows in here, and especially New York transpirations are running 2Maroon 54 hours which is so convenient.

I bought tickets of Maroon 5 concert couple months ago at  ticketmaster. I am  not sure this website sells the cheapest tickets,  and please tell me if you know a good website. The Maroon 5 world tour were held at Madison Square Garden , this is a very nice and big place that I can’t see Adam Levine clearly from my seat. When I went to see this concert first I thought people won’t come on that day because of blizzard.

Their concert was good but not as great as I expected because I prefer their old songs, besides during the concert I was waited  them to perform ”lost star” for 3 hours but they didn’t sang that song.>_<

However that day was fun and hope I can see more concerts or shows in the future.





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  1. marinemarcenac says:

    I heard about this event a couple of weeks ago and when I looked to book tickets, only few seats were still available and for a very high price 😦 I’m sure you enjoyed this concert for me!

    1. mona01fm says:

      Yes, the ticket was not cheap, so I return my new coat in order to buy one😓

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