Explore the Vintage shops in New York City.!

Fashion is recycle and so changeable, today you are in and next day you are out!  Now vintage element is hot in fashion field. I love vintage  alot, last week I went to brooklyn to explore the vintage shop, I was impressed by the vintage atomasphere. There are old but chic stuff from all over the world brought by the shop owner. She traveled the world and bought the stuff she likes , bring them to New York. I think it’s very cool, she made her interest into business and she has good taste to pick the stuff. I bought the sweater form 1950 and one romper from 1980!!!! It would look really cook if you match them in right way.


IMG_6742 IMG_6741

And if you are lucky enough, you can even find something designer . I made a list of vintage shop in New York City. I will go check one by one. hope one day I will have chance to open a shop and sell things that I like .

Designer Resale
324 E 81th St (entre 1 e 2 Ave)

Round About
1100 Madison Ave  e 31 E 72nd St

– BIS Designer resale

1134 Madison Ave

1132 Madison Ave

1041 Madison Ave

La Boutique
1045 Madison Ave 2nd floor near 80th St

227 E 81th St

141 E 62nd St

1318 Madison Ave

Hope you enjoy it 😛


4 Comments Add yours

  1. stephosma says:

    OMG! Thank you so much for the addresses! I’ve been wanting to check out good vintage places but so far the ones I’ve found were blah!

    1. applelara says:

      I am sorry I didnt link the website correctly~I will fix them , welcome to check if you need it .

  2. apeureux says:

    I am crazy about vintage shops! I use to go in Brooklyn to enjoy it but this place seems really great! thank you for the addresses, I gonna try to go next week end hopefully 😉

    1. applelara says:

      great! I’m happy you like my post

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