The Selfie Stick : 2014 Best Invention ?

One of the best inventions of 2014 according to the Time Magazine, the selfie stick is the new trend all around the world.The selfie was a buzz in 2013 but because our arms are too short,here is the selfie stick !!IMG_1203

For those who do not know what is a selfie stick, it is a monopod used to take selfie photographs thanks to our smartphone. Some of them have the bluetooth control !

I like all the new gadgets and I was very curious by this new object. However, I always found that people look stupid when they used it. So I must look stupid but I was so curious that I bought one two weeks ago.

I do not think that this is the invention of 2014 but it is very funny. I love sending pictures to my family in France with New York’s landscape and I; So the selfie stick is very useful. You can do a lot of hing with it, for example, a friend shows how to do a 360° Video. Indeed, this trick gives the sensation that the landscape in the background move while I am motionless. However, it’s just a trick and I am moving ! See the You Tube Video below !

My father makes fun of me when he knew that I buy one !! He also told me that the selfie stick is now forbidden in a lot of museums in New York.FullSizeRender-2 - copie

In fact, The MoMA is the first museum in NY to forbid the selfie stick.The Guggenheim and The Frick took the same decision.

The reason for the ban of this stick is the the threat of accidental damage to museum exhibits and art work according to the New York Observer website.

I learned today that the selfie stick is now forbidden in my town in France inVersailles’s Palace.

This invention was victim of its own success ! Fortunately, we can still use it outside 🙂 !
FullSizeRender-1 3


8 Comments Add yours

  1. applelara says:

    hahahaha! I have one too! I feel embarrassed to use it in public the first time but after that I m getting used to it! lol

    1. alinewbr says:

      I think that everybody must feel embarrased with his/her selfie stick but like you now I do not care. Moreover, I love using my selfie stick ! It is very fun 🙂

  2. mona01fm says:

    People stare at me when I am using selfie stick which makes me feel embarrassing all the time.

    1. alinewbr says:

      I know that the first time, it’s a little bit embarrasing but you will become accustomed to it 🙂 And do not pay attention to them ! They are just jealous 🙂

  3. adiepriye says:

    Very funny! But you should hurry up and enjoy your stick now before they ban it altogether! nice tricks though

    1. alinewbr says:

      Yes, you’re right ! But I think that it will not be banished in Public Places 🙂

  4. laurepierrey says:

    This selfie stick is funny. I like the idea of adding a video. But too bad you don’t speak 😉

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