The Museum of Modern Art

Les_Demoiselles_d'AvignonToday, I was with my best friend Sarah, and we went to the MoMA. I have never been there before, so I decided to visit this incredible museum. First, we saw Jasper Johns, Yayoi Kusama, Roy Lichtenstein, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol. Roy Lichtenstein is a incredible pop artist. His work is based on collage, and was heavily influenced by popular advertising and the comic books. We also saw beautiful paints and sculptures. My favorite painter is Pablo Picasso. I love his painting les Demoiselles d’Avignon. This masterpiece is a large oil painting created in 1907. The work portrays five nude female prostitutes. It’s a brothel scene. This painting is one of my favorite. I love the cubism because it’s a revolutionnary art, and it shows a radical break from traditional composition and perspective in painting. Guernica is also of of my favorite one. Probably Picasso’s most famous work, Guernica is definitely his most powerful political painting. It was created in response to the bombing of Guernica, a Basque Country. This masterpiece shows a real violence, and it’s a kind of painful. Guernica is a statement against fascism, showing the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts on people. This work is now a monumental status, it’s a perpetual reminder of the tragedies of war. I suggest that you visit the MoMa, every painting are emotional and let you have your own opinion on these works.  guernicaSMALL1


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  1. abrehant says:

    I love this museum. MOMA is one of the best museum in the world for me, because I’m a huge fan of Picasso and also Andy Warhol and to have seen the famous painting of Marilyn Monroe or as you mentioned les demoiselles d’Avignon was such a lovely moment.

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