Walk Through Boston

As planned several weeks ago, we five people visited Boston this weekend. The trip is a short holiday lasting for 3 days. First, we ordered bus tickets and a homestay online early. Then we mapped out the route after reading the travel strategies others write. DSC_0003During the first day when we arrived, we visited Harvard and MIT — almost the most famous universities all over the world. Then the second day, we walked along the Freedom Trail — on which there are lots of scenery spots like the Boston Common, the State House and the Old Corner Bookstore. And the last day, we visited the Trinity Church and fortunately, we were invited to take part in the prayer there.

As one of the most ancient cities in the USA, Boston owns a lot of historical sites. Many of them consist of a famous travel route — Freedom Trail from the Boston Common to the Bunker Hill. Walking on the old street, we experienced the history of the birth of the USA. I saw many houses hanging their national flags, on restaurants, streets and even their homes. I can feel their deep patriotic feeling from these details.DSC_0291 I don’t have religious faith and it’s my first time to witness the prayer in a church. Trinity Church gives me a quiet andrelaxing atmosphere to have a deep thinking. I’m impressed by the beautiful frescos on windows and roofs. Obviously, I totally admire their wisdom to create such a beautiful place.

Unfortunately, we chose the days when the weather was not that satisfying. The first day we arrived, the road was filled with thick snow and by both sides of the road, the height of accumulated snow was higher than us so it’s inconvenient for us to measure the universities on foot, especially on our way back to home in the evening, it began to snow. Then the next day, the clean road was again covered with ice and snow. We walked through the Freedom Trail that day so when we came back, everyone’s shoes are wet including the socks inside. In a word, it’s extremely important to check the weather of your destination before you plan the trip.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. applelara says:

    I never been to Boston, but when the weather gets warmer I would love to go

    1. yzhao18 says:

      It’s a great city worth exploring and hope that you will have a good time there!

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