Project 333: Can you handle it?

As you can see i am trying to stick with a general theme of “Simplification”. im my last posts i talked about trello which organizes your internet life into one easy cloud solution and before there was a simple program called 1Password that helps keep all you passwords in check but this week there’s a program out there that you may never even think of trying, and i haven’t even touched but would like to try. Its called Project 333, project 333 is a program for people trying to minimize there clutter and life’s from over populating there inventory, but this one pertains to clothes and space.

As most of us live in tight living spaces we have only a certain amount of space we can use so why waste it with clothes, there are so many rules that its hard to even explain but really its live with 33 items of clothing,( that’s right 33 items of clothing) which you can see here, there are a large amount of reasons to start this life style but more importantly there are questions to be answered first. Does an empty space limit you from creativity? does it make your live more organized? or does a empty clean room conduct a setting of calmness.

There are also studies out there that a clean organized space can promote the highest level of happiness and calmness reducing stress, minimizing blood pressure and reducing headaches. Although the 333 Rule is not part of object organization one must always think about if maybe its time to de-clutter and go for a simple lifestyle that may be more conducive to productivity.

What are your thoughts? Would you be able to do Project 333?


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  1. zaaronnnnnn says:

    It seems that it will be a very fantastic project and could solve the population problem!

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