Under the Doom

Chai Jing, who is one of the famous journalists and emcees in Beijing TV Station, produced an investigative video of Chinese air quality which shocked people all over China. As for me, I thought the air situations in China is just like what Chai called in the video — Under the Doom.

To talk about more details of the air, we should quote a definition called PM 2.5, which is professionally defined as the particulate matter 2.5, as well as a standard of top grade of air pollution. The investigation in the video concluded five provinces of China, such as Zhejiang Province and Beijing receptively. Data indicated that 175 days could be defined dangerous per year, which was a very huge warning to human beings.

As a communication student, I am going to analyze the video by discussing the reasons it became famous very soon and how it grab the attention of most of Chinese at the beginning.

I have to say that the public relationship team who works for Chai is so professional when they use data to convince and use particular cases to catch people’s feeling, even if the case is the daughter of Chai Jing herself. Steve Jobs said that everyone in this community, no matter businessman or geek, would have at least a little bit mind of idealism in their mind. And Jobs said this was one of the main reasons he could achieve himself so well.

I think Chai’s PR team has done the similar things. They put Chai’s daughter on the stage and provoked the air pollution successfully. One thing I have to explain is that family and relationship are always elements which can touch Chinese a lot.

Another thing the PR team did for Chai which is very smart was that they could read people’s mind and predict the social trend accurately. Most Chinese nowadays get tried with the fast and tough working situations, so they need things that can transfer their attention. The team knew what people need and primed the video at a right moment.

After being amazed about how this video Under the Doom shocked people, I think we should also find out things more than what it told us.


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