Snowy Afternoon at the MoMA

Last Sunday afternoon we planed to enjoy the view of Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights Promenade with two friends. Unfortunately, just after we had lunch, a snowstorm started. That’s why we decided to change our plans and we went to the Museum of Modern Art. Indeed, even if I’m in New York since last september I did not take  the time to go in the most famous museum of New York. There was a lot of people who decided as us to spend this snowy afternoon visiting the museum sheltered from the bad weather. After we had been waiting a few minutes in the line, we bought our tickets $14 instead of $25 because student status. We started the visit by the 6th floor, the last one. Indeed, according to us the best exhibitions are on the 5th and 4th floors. There was mainly painting and a little bit of sculpture. We could see works by famous painters like Picasso, Van Gogh, Mondrian and more. I highly recommend to those who have not yet gone to MoMA to do it. Indeed even you’re not passionate about arts this Museum is absolutely not boring because there are not too many things and on each floor you can enjoyed different kind of arts.


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  1. bwilliams088 says:

    Moma is really special, you should try going to meseum of natural history all they ask is for a donation and if you like history and science this is the place for you. it seems a little outdated but hopefully they will update it soon

    1. apeureux says:

      Thank you very much for the advice! I’ll go there as soon as possible!

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