Holi.. A riot of colors!

Well its time to miss home again. You actually miss home when the festivals are right around the corner. And this time it is the festival of Holi. The festival of colors, love and laughter.

 Holi-The festival of colors

Holi is a festival celebrated in India, normally in the month of March to usher in the season of Spring. It is a festival where people get together to play with colors and drench each other with water. Well it is actually a lot more fun than it sounds. Though Holi has a lot of cultural significance in India, it is actually a day when people put across their differences and come together to celebrate the festival of color.

People, young or old, rich or poor, friends or foe, get together to splash colors at anyone and everyone they come across. Balloons filled with colored water are aimed at unsuspecting friends and family and eventually it turns into one fun-filled water fight. The fun and frolic continues whole day long and ends with visits to friends and relatives, mouth-watering delicacies and Bhang – An intoxicating drink specially made for Holi.

Well if we look beyond all the fun and frolic, it is actually a festival which helps us forget all our differences and be one behind the veil of colors. It is a day to forgive and forget. It is a day to repair ruptured relationships and make new beginnings. Even according to the cultural significance, it is the day of not just colors, but it is known as the day of love. It is a day to get rid of our past mistakes and kill the demon inside us. Holi, the festival of color, love and laughter actually signifies the victory of good over the evil!

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  1. The colors always look so spectacular. I really hope to experience it once.

    1. hridya01 says:

      Well I think everyone should definitely experience the festival of colors once. It is a lot of fun. And now-a-days a lot of Indian associations have been organizing them in the United States, so you don’t even have to travel all the way to India to experience it.

  2. zaaronnnnnn says:

    Looks like a great festival! I am pretty interested in it, what did you do in the party?

    1. hridya01 says:

      Thank you Zaron. What party are you talking about?

      1. zaaronnnnnn says:

        OH I am talking about the festival, is it a party type or?

  3. hridya01 says:

    Yea its more like a party than a religious festival.

  4. trbills says:

    There is a show called ‘An Idiot Abroad’ where Ricky Gervais sent his friend Karl Pilkington to countries abroad to experience different countries and cultures and he was in India for Holi. He was a bit overwhelmed by it at first, but I thought it looked like a lot of fun to experience.

    1. hridya01 says:

      Well I haven’t heard of the show but I would definitely like to see it. It could be a little overwhelming specially if you are experiencing it for the first time but it sure is a lot of fun.

  5. marinemarcenac says:

    I would LOVE to go there and experience it too. I had a lot of returns on this event and all the time after that I want to plan my trip. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to do that yet, but certainly very soon!

    1. hridya01 says:

      Great.. You should definitely plan a trip soon ideally in the month of February or March.

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