3 awesome places you must visit when you travel to Japan


Last week I posted a blog which is ” The best travel spot in spring”, and the best travel spot is Japan. Today I am going to introduce you guys 3 awesome places that you must see if you decided to go to Japan in spring.

1.  Hiroshima 


First Hiroshima is an old city compare to other cities in Japan which makes Hiroshima looks so different to the others. Every know this place because of the atomic bombing, and yes some friends want to go there to see Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. However I more recommend this place that is  Miyajima. I saw a lot of Torii in Japan, and this place is the best. (2 days will be enough)

2.   Kyoto



I took this photo on  Mar27, so you can see it’s a little late to see Sakura on the end of March. Kyoto city  just was named on the world’s best city in the travel 2014. This is a very traditional place, so don’t be surprised if you see people who wear Yukata Kimono. There are a lot of Tera(temple) in Kyoto, and the most famous tera(temple) are Kiyomizu-dera   and  Kinkakuji.(3 or 4 days should be enough)

3.   Tokyo


Usually I wouldn’t recommend this place because Tokyo to me is just another big city like New York. Even I don’t vote for this place, and still attracts  lot of friends to go there. However, Spring in Tokyo is beautiful and Ueno park is one of the great places of flower viewing. Other popular places like Meiji Shrine, Shinnjyuku, Disney Land.

If you decided to go to Japan in spring, and please go as this order because Sakura will blossom from south to north.


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