what is more important? working hard or grabbing the opportunity?

What is more important ? Is it working hard or grabing the opportunity ?  People always say you need to work hard , and when  I was a little kid , the most often my parents say to me is you need to study hard and go to a good university, only that can offer you a good job.  My father was a very strict man, Im very appreciate that he is demanding to me. But now looking back,I realized working hard is not every thing, grabing the chance is much more important in life. Woking hard with your entire life,  standing at the bottom in one company doesnt make sense. I wont say its successful life or career.

Compare to wroking hard ,  I think grabing the oportunity plays more important role in the life no matter what ways. Recently somehow I got in touch with lot old friends and old classmates who I havent been talking with for ages. And many of them were excellent studenst in teachers’ eye before, we shared the stories happened to ourselves, I was surprised to see almost none of them has a excellent job or career path as they were expected to have. on the other hand,, my other friends who I keep contact with are doing good job , some of them are doing business, some are selfemplyee , what make them beyond these good students is that they took the opportunity.

I do agree we need to study hard to some extent, education teaches us the basci morality, that’s the rule surviving in this society. But I wouldnt say to my kids you have to go top university , in stead of which I would let them experience more , bad or good. I would let them go out to see how the world is working instead of sitting in the classroom doing exercise all the time.Maybe that’s why we “bad students” know the market better and know how to take chance , what do you think ?:P


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  1. yzhao18 says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to say which is more important but working hard is like “result from”, good opportunity is like “result in”. So i think it’s a good idea to achieve a balance between these two things. Working hard is necessary and at the same time, don’t forget to grab the opportunities which deserves having a try.

    1. applelara says:

      ya~~it’s always a difficult question to judge which is more important , but what I am talking about is u working too hard to discover the chance. chance could only happen to you once .

  2. lyu06 says:

    I do agree with you. when I was 10 years old, my teacher doesn’t like me just because I am not good at study. Although I am good at other things, but they choose to neglect. they think study grade is the most important standard to evaluate one child, however , it is not enough to just learn about the knowledge on the book at all. it’s meaningless to have high grades but do nothing well in the practice.

    1. applelara says:

      ya! it’s only when we experience that we know what is really working in society

  3. hridya01 says:

    I believe that good opportunities come to people who work hard. What you achieve through working hard not only stays with you forever but it also gives you the much required peace of mind. At the same time i do agree that it is important to grasp the opportunities that come your way and the only other way to replace hard work is by working smart.

    1. applelara says:

      I agree with your last point, working smart instead of working hard.

  4. adiepriye says:

    I think both are equally important, if u work hard but you are timid to take the bull by the horn, u may miss ample opportunities. if u don’t work hard but u are out their looking for opportunity to grab, then u may just end up searching for a long time, of becoming what they call ” gold digger”. WORK YOUR WAY AND BE BOLD TO GRAB THE OPPORTUNITIES (i call them FRUITS OF LABOR) AS A RESULT OF UR HARD WORK.

    1. applelara says:

      This society need balance, there have to be some people working hard , otherwise every one is the boss lol!

  5. laurepierrey says:

    I totally agree with you. Going to prestigious universities is not enough to have a good job. Nowadays, you’d better be social and independant to get an opportunity.

    1. applelara says:

      yeah! especially being social and have connection~

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