Streamline your life: Is Trello everything we need?

On week 2

So i have been working with a client regarding a program called Trello. This little program at a glance looks a little heavy and a little useless but after reading into it, i think this is a program all demographics of life can get into.

So what is trello, well its a place to organize things, its great for students, employees and just about everyone who lives in a digital life…. and its free. After learning about wikis, this is something that not only resembles a wiki but takes it to a new level, it has a wiki board embedded into it, it has a chat function for your group and a gui that super friendly to use. The program is based on CS5 for small to medium groups that are all working on the same projects and even is syn-cable to phones and tablets for on the go updates. Trello also incorporates the ability to store attachments check lists and pretty much anything that you can think of. Like a wiki, trello also has a history so that you can see whom deleted what.


So what are the negatives of trello after two days of testing….

If you run around a lot to locations without internet you might run into a problem, now a days with the introduction of apps, and wifi every where this should be something that should not bother you. another negative is that im not sure if this will soon be come pay to use program, it is in its infancy but one day maybe it may become something that is paid for almost like a project management app.

All said and done, its free try and settle up on making your life organized, try and minimize and stream line your life. we live in a word of technology lets use it to our advantage.


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