A home away from home!

Dreams.. Well we all have dreams and these are the things which make us leave our home, leave our country, leave our loved ones behind and venture out to achieve our goals. Goals which will take us one step closer to our dreams, pursue it and achieve what we are out to seek. One should always follow their dreams, and go where ever life takes them. It is these new places that enrich us with new experiences, experiences that will last a lifetime.

Living in a new place, a new country is both an exciting as well as a nerve-wrecking experience. A place where everyone is a stranger, no one knows you, and yet a place which can help you nurture your dream, hope for a better tomorrow and make you who you are. Of course you meet new people, learn new things and grow stronger with every passing day but the process of finding a new home, making new friends and creating your own identity can be a grueling one.

An amidst  all of this there comes a time when you really miss the comfort of your home, the presence of your loved ones and you really want to be at someplace where you belong. And after one such hard day I happened to stumble upon The Indian Square. Indian restaurants, Indian food, Indian brands and not to mention Indian people, no wonder it is known as ‘Little India.’

The Indian Street
The Indian Square – Jersey City

Well the people here do not know me either, I am a stranger to them too but there was something that made me feel at ease, something that made me realize that I belong. Well when I think about it now I realize that cultural identity is a strong bond. No matter how much we want to explore new horizons there is something that binds us together and that is the bond of a shared identity. Of course I will make new friends and over a period of time, the bond of friendship will bind us too but I guess till then I will have to do with the Indian street. It truly felt like a home away from home!


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  1. hridya01 says:

    I am unable to save the category and tags even after trying to do it a couple of times.

  2. adiepriye says:

    “…cultural identity is a strong bond. No matter how much we want to explore new horizons there is something that binds us together and that is the bond of a shared identity.”
    Finding one’s Identity and a sense of belonging and settling in a new and strange surroundings is something every immigrant craves for. while we run the race of ”the pursuit of happiness”, sometimes loneliness could kick in, but if we see or could find any place or thing that feels like home, it makes this journey bearable.

    1. hridya01 says:

      Thank you for the comment Priye. It feels to good to have people around who seem to understand our state of mind.

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