The best travel spot in spring

Spring is coming if you hesitated of where to go during spring, and I would recommend Japan. why Japan? Because of Sakura (cherry blossom). I know there are some people may think  that it’s notsakura worth at all to fly far away just for looking sakura. And I never been to Washington DC, so I don’t know how cherry blossom looks like in there. However, when you got in Japan you would definitely surprised by ”The world of Sakura”.

And they have a traditional custom during spring called Hanami, which is ”flower viewing”. People will get together with their friends and families and throw a party under the Sakura trees. I had the Hanami experience  years ago and it was fun and relaxing when  drink with friends and view beautiful Sakura scene.

Japan is really a good option when you are planning to travel in spring. It’s not only because of Sakura, but also Japan is way different from USA. Besides Japanese yen rate is very low recently, and compare to 2012, 0.013 US dollar per Japanese Yen. It’s only 0.0084 US dollar recently.



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