electronics with safety

Blog This !  To continue with this subject, it is apparent that it is unfortunate that nobody really cares.  I had thought that there would be more of a concern with the situation of smart phones, etc. on the streets and public transportation.  It is to me a very dangerous situation and it appears that most people are taking it very lightly. I suppose they feel that it is a necessary thing to do while on a bus, subway, walking in the street, in busy areas with no concern about who or what is around them.  Hello !  You are missing the inherent danger that is being put upon us all.  Maybe you should start looking around and check out the latest crime statistics on this problem.  Many are so indulged with there self entertainment and are easily picked off by your local thief.  This is also a big issue when in your own personal vehicle.. No concern for who or what is around you. Even when sitting in you own car you are a target for a potentially hazards outcome.You think no body is there and nothing can happen to you.  Think again.  There are those out there who are always on the lookout for potential targets.  Today there are many who thrive on the sole business of steeling and without any regard to the physical consequences that could happen.  Many have died for a lot less. When this happens you could inadvertently cause others innocent bystanders injury just because they were in the wrong spot at the wrong time. The people who are doing this have no regard for life especially yours.  There main concern is just for there potential profit or providing for there habit. Stay aware of who is around you, which many do not.  Look around on any train or bus and it is evident right off the bat.

20141120_110332 This is just a small part of the bus, the rest of the bus was in pretty much the same status, even the bear taking up a seat was occupied with the crowded bus.  Actually it shows how some people are so self contained. If there is standing room only why is this stuffed animal taking up a seat. The younger generation is in definite need of the concept of consideration for others.



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  1. mona01fm says:

    when I’m in subway and almost everyone are holding their smart phone all the time, I feel the same way with you.

    1. gab347 says:

      Isn’t it amazing how people are so evolved with these things and have no clue of what is around them

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