American TV Show VS Chinese TV Show

1. Categories

American TV show can be classified into soap show, crime show, doctor show, science-fiction show, adventure show and so on. The location develops with the target audience so it focuses more on modern life. And then to a great degree, TV show shows the normalcy of society. The story may be beyond normal life but people liberate themselves from trouble. Thus, compared to the happy ending in Chinese, American TV show usually has no clear sense of ending.

In China, TV show can be sorted by the range of ages so it can be classified into romantic play which appeals to teenagers, family ethics play which is well-received among middle-aged people and historical play for the old. With respect to American, the greatest characteristic of Chinese TV show is that China has the history of thousands of years. Chinese like to recall the past. They recur certain special periods to reveal social pattern at that time, in order to highlight Chinese people’s high quality. The reason why Chinese likes this kind of TV show has great connection with our long-time traditional cultures.

2. Setting and Idea

In American TV show, there are usually several main characters and in a certain event, characters interact with each other and visual angle keeps shifting from one subject to another. And at the same time, they like to set a character as a story telling angle and then the angle changes with the gradually appearing key point.The story combines one’s past and present and makes the structure clearer and more realistic. Everyone’s strength and weakness, love and selfishness are revealed thoroughly.

In China, TV show usually adopts one line such as time to open the story. This may be affected by traditional literature and operas. Also, several adopt multi-lines but these are on people’s emotion, not on actions or incidents like American. So Chinese are not as compact and quick as American.

3.Structure and Plot

American pays more attention on designing suspense after suspense. A perfect structure needs clever layout to make the story itself more strained and the strain continues to the end of the story. Several lines of evidence happen at the same time and then they come to some intersection but they still go on well on their own track.

However, in China, TV show focuses on the integrity of story and emotions of characters. Little suspense can be seen. So the audience cares more about one’s destiny and are impressed by the meaning behind the story.

I love Chinese TV show but at the same time, I’m also attracted by American style. In a word, every art has its own pattern but not all can be accepted. These may be resulted from different cultures and different developing directions. But it’s not bad to accept something new and try another form of the same thing.


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  1. lyu06 says:

    I do agree with the author, When I watched that TV shows, I can feel big differences between Chinese and American TV serious. When I watched American TV serious, I can not adapt to it at first. American people propose that we need to look forward and should not live in the past. I guessed that through the experience of watching American TV serious.

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