When Cliche Movie Scenes Happen In Real Life

I have seen many movies where things happen that make me think, “that could never happen in real life.” For example, in “You got Mail” Meg Ryan’s character, Kathleen has an email buddy. She really likes him and he really likes her, but they don’t know each other’s real identities. In real life, they are actually enemies. Tom Hank’s character, Joe, is driving Kathleen out of business. They hate each other, but then they fall in love and realize that the whole time they knew each other. I think that situation is very unlikely.

Serendipity is another movie that’s just unlikely . Sarah and Thomas meet and they like each other. Sarah happens to be really superstitious, so she tells Thomas to write his name and number on a dollar bill and she wrote her info on a book that she traded at a book stand. If they found those items, it meant they were supposed to be together. Eventually, they end up finding those items and each other after a few years.

Movies like these are awesome because they are cute and romantic, but they are also frustrating because those situations never really happen in real life…or do they?

I’ve had certain situations happen to me where its too crazy to think its a coincidence, but it is pure, unadulterated coincidence. Yesterday, I was at a cafe emailing people that I got assigned to work on a group with. I don’t know who these people are. But one of the girls sent me her number. I called her and I introduced myself and then she asked me, “are you right next to me??” I turned around and we were sitting right next to each other! What are the odds of that?

I had another situation many years ago. I was on vacation and I met this guy. We were talking and he told me he was going to be in NYC five months from that day. So jokingly we said we would meet then, but we didn’t exchange contact information or anything. Five months later I totally forgot about him, I’m walking around the Macy’s by 34th street, when all of a sudden someone pulls at my sleeve behind me. Its that guy! He wasn’t my soul mate or anything, actually that was the last time I saw him. But it is still amazing how sometimes unlikely cliche things can actually happen in real life.


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  1. trbills says:

    I really like ‘You’ve Got Mail! But, I know what you mean. Things like that, such strong coincidences rarely happen in real life. I had something similar to what you said happened to you happen to me, but it is indeed rare and hasn’t happened since. It can help to make you more observant and thoughtful.

  2. zaaronnnnnn says:

    I used not to trust this kinds of things, but they really happened! I have similar experience when I always meet my old friends who I have not seen for a few years. And we do not have cell phone number of each other. It just happened like that!

  3. lyu06 says:

    actually I like watching romantic film,but its hard to believe it may happen in real life. as most of us tend to pay more attention to material things. compared by the material temptation, emotion tie seems so vulnerable.

  4. stephosma says:

    I agree with all of you. I love watching romantic movies, but it is hard to believe they can actually happen. I think there are times when amazing things happen which is a nice change from a monotonous life, but for the most part if you want a nice romantic life you gotta conciously make it

  5. adiepriye says:

    I think you just solved the puzzle, even though the possibilities of it happening are slim, sometimes these kind of things do happen. We may laugh at the possibilities of it happening when watching a movie but there’s still this tiny % of it occurring in real life.

  6. laurepierrey says:

    Funny! Sometimes it’s happen, that is the good or bad 🙂 things in life. Concerning the movies, most of them is based on a cliché. Every word, every expression, every action is calculate to provoke an emotion. However, I think independant movies are different, they are more realistic.

  7. bwilliams088 says:

    I think in the end, one has to look at how small the world actually is. the interests that one have have to to be understood that there are thousands of other people that have the same interests that live the same life style,… its freaky

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