Valentine’s Day.. Is it a big deal?

Well Valentine’s Day was just around the corner and every other person I met seemed to be asking me the same question, “What are you doing this Valentines?” And every time someone asked me that I had the same answer, “Nothing.” And people who know me gave me that weird look, “Isn’t it your first valentines together?”

Now that really got me thinking. Well it is our first valentines together but does it really make such a big difference. Why is it the day of love? Aren’t we supposed to be loving each other every day of our lives? Why is it that we express our love more specifically on this particular day? And what about the rest of the year?

And all these thoughts just led me to one question, “Why do we need a day to celebrate love?” And then I found my answer. We are all so busy in our everyday lives, chasing our dreams that we forget to live the little joys that life has to offer, we forget to love, to smile, we forget to live our lives. We all crave for love and when we find love, we take it for granted. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could celebrate love everyday of our lives? Take out time for our loved ones, do special things for them, give them little surprises, make them smile and just spend a little quality time with them everyday of our lives?

Well all of this may sound a little too idealistic, but honestly I feel this is what we all actually need to do. Life is too short to live by the calendar. So go out there, and live like everyday is a valentine’s day. Love and be loved. Spread the love because there can never be anything called ‘too much of love’.


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  1. abrehant says:

    I spent my first Valentine Day in the US and I was very surprised how it’s so popular here. In France we don’t celebrate it. I thought that it was a commercial day. But it was funny to see it. And I noticed that in the restaurant they did a special menu such as thanksgiving or christmas.

    1. hridya01 says:

      I didn’t know you don’t celebrate Valentine’s day in France. It’s a big thing in India as well, though it is not really supported by a lot of political parties back home.

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