When I first got the NYIT, I had a lot of expectations about what it could be to learn in an American university. I saw so many movies and read so many books about colleges that I already had an idea, and if NYIT did not let me down on some levels, I still think that some other things need to be redone. For instance, I think that we don’t really have a student life. I never get informed on anything the school organise or any event. I wish that we had a social network between students in which we would learn all the things that are happening in NYIT. We learn communication here so we would be taught how to communicate ! I also would like the school to have a cafeteria, because it would be so much easier to have lunch all together. I think that my french friends would be glad to have that experience, like the one we see in movies. The last thing I would do to make the school a better place is have clubs, like the sport club, the glee club or the movie club. That would help make american friends, and improve our english, because english classes are not enough. And it is sometimes hard to go and talk to strangers if we are not in a context like in a club.



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  1. mvanomme says:

    I’m sorry to hear that NYIT hasn’t been living up to your expectations so far. I wanted to point out some of the resources that you and your friends can use to get better adjusted to campus life here at NYIT.

    1. There are always a bunch of events going on around campus. You can find all upcoming campus-wide events here: http://www.nyit.edu/index.php/calendar/events_week/
    2. “Like” Manhattan’s Student Activities page to stay updated with what’s going on around campus and to connect with other new international and domestic students looking to make friends. https://www.facebook.com/nyitstudentactivities
    3. Check out or join one of the many clubs/ organizations. http://nyit.edu/campus_manhattan/things_to_do/clubs/
    4. Visit the Student Activities Building (SAB) which is located at 1849 Broadway on the second floor above the school café.

    I hope that the information above is helpful to you and your friends and can help you to enjoy your time here in NY. Remember, every experience in life is what you make of it!

  2. adiepriye says:

    Though NYIT is an urban university, i still think it lack much student life. at least i feel that way. may be, the media hyped up everything we see in the movies- may be not, i don’t know but i fell that we don’t have enough social life, especially for Grad students.

    I know Mvanomme pointed out great facts which i didn’t know existed, but it’s still not enough.

  3. applelara says:

    I totally understand ! Im international student too, but before I came here i knew it wouldnt be like big campus in TV show, because I chose New York and Manhattan. so I think what we need to do is to find a balance . and being social doesnt have to be in school , there are so many events going on in New york everyday , for me comparing to school life in campus I enjoy making friends off campus more, since our major is about communication , knowing more people from all the level is more important right?

    hope you will enjoy NYIT and manhanttan life ~~:)

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