How to keep up with all your password

I pride my self in my multitasking abilities, i usually have more than one thing going on and all projects get completed on time. But in this age of efficiency based work, and every other joe lining up to take your job any little mess up could put you on the street. So i asked my self how can i be more efficient in the workplace and in my personal life; and then it hit me the thing that takes up the most time? believe it or not is logging into encrypted sites that require a password. For example logging into word press took me over 5 minutes, why you ask? its because i forgot my user name and password it may sound simple but in my demographic we sign into websites a vast amount and if your using the same user name and password for everything YOUR DOING SOMETHING WRONG! So my little journey began with trying to find a way to quickly upload, store and encrypt all my pass words into one one easy app? maybe a program? maybe cloud storage? there are thousands of programs out there but one caught my eye and i’m giving it a trial as we speak. the program is called 1Password and it is free. The program can be downloaded on Ios or Android and even integrates great with different browsers. I personally went with and android app, and it runs very stable and very light.  one thing this program can do is also sync with all your devices for a seamless workflow. Your probably asking ” well saving all your passwords in one spot seems really dangerous”. right off the bat this program is encrypted in so many things that i cant even spell them, but also a user has to look at how they hold there pass words now, again if you use one pass word for everything your doing something wrong but you have to look at your life and your internet usage as well if your storing your passwords on a piece of paper that’s an issue, but if you have one amazing memory and can remember all your passwords stick to what your doing it is the best place for your passwords. so as i end this is really something you need to try for yourself, don’t start by saving your bank account information, but start with saving passwords for wordpress, or your amazon account the sites where if this app ever gets hacked you wont be on the street, And if the app didn’t help maybe a reflection of how you store your passwords is what you really need. good luck and safe searching!


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  1. adiepriye says:

    Thanks Williams for this piece. This mess happens to me all the time, in fact two days ago i tried to remember my password to one of my Debit cards, men! was that difficult, looks like i’ll have to call the bank. that wasn’t all. i am struggling with my LinkedIn password.

    these things seem easy but if one has a lot on one’s plate, then it could become difficult to keep track of it all.
    So thanks again, i’ll consider ‘one password’ and see how it works.

  2. applelara says:

    thanks for recommending this app !! forgetting password always annoys me and sometimes the website has limited times to let you try your password. its gonna take you more time to reset them , whats worse is it usually includes safe question which I compeltely forgot ~

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