Inspired By a Dead Fish?

To stare at a dead fish for any kind of inspiration could seem bizarre, but my experience with the ‘dead fish’ is something different.

We were  asked to carry out a project in my Fine Art class. The Prof said to go buy a fish ( anyone but electric and golden fish) and at twelve midnight (12:00 am) we should turn off the lights and light just some few candles, then we should sit in the dark and stare at our choice fish for twenty minutes nothing less or more – bizarre, I know !!

For the first five minutes, i was just seeing the scales of the sherry fish i bought. I was laughing at myself for such stupidity when the candle light reflected on the scales of the fish and the glow caught my eyes, it was as if someone turned on the light and i was staring at the most amazing rainbow dancing on the supposed dead fish.

I was perplexed at creation and the creator that could bestow beauty in everything, even the things we have given up on -The beauty that births hope. The perception of things that could metamorphose to life.

While staring, it seemed as if the fish was alive and smiling at me because in its eyes (though dead) was the glow that caught my attention. It’s amazing how things we have given up on could be the very source of new beginnings or hope, as the Bible would say ” the rejected stone has become the chief corner stone”

I came to the conclusion that, even though this fish could have been a meal but within it, is the utmost rest and beauty. Also, that everything has ‘the other side’ of it, and possibilities are found in the most remote places (trust me this experience is a big eye opener to me).

My lesson is to believe and learn to give second chances not just to people but mostly to myself. I should always give myself a chance. If a dead fish could still glow and reflect God’s promise (rainbow) to man never to destroy earth in a haste – even when the odds was against it – i know HE has bestow something more in me.

Most of the answer you demand for life are inside you. In you are possibilities and untapped treasures. If you could look inwards and believe you’ll see the beauty that births hope.


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  1. hridya01 says:

    Thank you for the article. It is such a simple thought but so beautifully written. That is just the right amount of inspiration needed to get through the day and I am sure that little thought can help us look at life with a completely different perspective.

    1. adiepriye says:

      Thanks Hridya, I’m glad you could be inspired by this article. And yes, just a ‘little thought’ could lead us in the right direction.

  2. marinemarcenac says:

    My friend Irwina was attending this class too, you probably know her. The day the class has this project, I was with her and we went to Chelsea Market to buy a fish for this occassion. It was so funny ! I hope you enjoyed this experience. I can see that it taught you something and it is a good lesson. Art can be founded everywhere 😉

  3. adiepriye says:

    @marinemarcenac, Truly Marine art is found every where if we could just stop and look. You are right, i learnt a lot with this experiment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, have a blessed day.

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