Fifty Shades of Grey: the new Twilight ?

My bedtime reading !

I am so excited ! Tomorrow, I am going to see Fifty Shades of Grey! and I am so in hurry.

I am a fan of this trilogy. I read the books several time without being bored. I also bought it in English to be ready to see the movie in English.

As you know, Fifty Shades of Grey is a romantic/erotic book written by  E.L James. The main characters are perform by author by Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) and Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steel). I am not fan of the actors but I will see tomorrow. I could be surprised !

In the USA, the film has a R-rating, which mean that under 17 requires accompanying adults. However, in France, the movie is just forbidden under 12 years old.

Furthermore, February, 10th , the Original Soundtrack was available in Itunes. I immediately bought it. I listen this album everyday, again and again. My favorite song is « Love me like you do » by Ellie Goulding. No, actually, I have several favorite songs. I like also « Salted Wound » by Sia and « Earned it » by The Weeknd. It’s funny because there is a song of Sinatra, « Witchcraft ». I wonder when this song appears in the movie.


However, I am scared to be disappointed because a movie is never like the book. Moreover the review that i read are lukewarm. In fact, I read French reviews but also American reviews. The American reviews are better than the French ones. The French reviews are very bad. Journalists said that the movie is boring. Moreover, they found the songs unexciting. They did not find the goal of the movie.

Furthermore, I read in The Boston Globe that Fifty Shades of Grey was inspired by the twilight Saga. I hope that the movie won’t be the new twilight !

I will tell you my own review of the movie in my next article !! see you guys !



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  1. trbills says:

    I didn’t know until a week or so ago that Jamie Dornan was playing Christian Grey in this. If you like the movie and like his acting, he is also in a Netflix series called ‘The Fall’. He’s actually Irish and has a lovely accent, but I think for this movie he is doing an American accent. I watched all of ‘The Fall’, there are two seasons and they’re not very long. They also star an American actress who’s pretty well known called Gillian Anderson. Not sure if you ever watched the tv show ‘The X-Files’ but she played Agent Dana Scully on there.

  2. marinemarcenac says:

    Yesterday I googled Jamie Dorman and I found that he has played in a couple of episodes of Once Upon A Time! I didn’t remember him in this serie; he had a second role but still important.
    Anyway, I didn’t read the book so I wasn’t so disappointed when I saw the movie. I only read the first chapters of the first tome. But I can easily understand for all the books fans that the movie is not as great as expected!

  3. alinewbr says:

    Oh thank you Girls ! I will look at the series with Jamie Dorman ! He is very cute !

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