What on Earth Are Native Ads?

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Someone commented on my last post asking for clarification on what is a native advertisement. So here it is: the beginner’s guide to Native advertisement and why you should care.

When the internet got popular many people thought it would be great to advertise their product on a famous website. So they created something like the billboards you see on the highways, and put them on websites. This came to be known as a banner ad. At that time, everybody was new to the internet so a lot people were clicking on these banner ads. But then when we all realized it was just a sales tactic, ALL of us stopped clicking on banner ads. Eventually, we became blind to them. Now we only pay attention to the stuff in the website that we want to see, the articles, videos, pictures, or stories.

However, the world keeps moving forward thanks to the millions of companies that employ people. These companies still need their products to be known. So, someone thought that a great solution to this problem was to really provide something of value to the consumer when a brand or product was advertised. To give people what they are looking for when they go to a website. If you want to see articles, videos, pictures or stories, that’s exactly what you will get. Its all about a great user experience now. This is wonderful for all of us because now we wont be bothered by pesky, intrusive pop-ups, instead if we are on buzzfeed we will get funny videos about dogs adopting squirrels probably sponsored by PETCO or if we are on marieclaire.com, we will get “7 natural ways to make your hair silky smooth” sponsored by a hair salon. This new native advertisement industry is trying very hard to regulate the native ads that go out. It truly has to be a great experience for the user if its going to work at all, and not become a fad like banner ads that people will eventually stop clicking because its too salesy.

I hope this explained Native Ads a little more. Let me know if you guys have any questions 🙂


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