merciful slaughter

Dogville is a film that reveals the human nature: evil. I was deeply impressed of the two turning point. First is the villagers attitude changed when they thought Grace was criminal. They seemly found an excuse to abuse her. Second, when Grace was abused and she wants to revenge when her father came to save her. This two points reveal our nature that if only we get the opportunity to perpetrate without punishment, we will become evil and do what we want. Actually I don’t like Grace this character, I think she is hypocrisy. She considers this world too simply at the very start, she wants to be merciful and forgive all the people.But just her mercy stimulates people to perpetrate.
She wants to be like Jesus, however she is not Jesus. We are not god so we need limitation to control ourselves. She struggles between her ideal belief and her human nature. She wants to forgive, but does she really forgive them? She makes herself as if she is Jesus but how can we explain her behavior in the end? She said she punished all the villagers and there will be less sin in the world. however who gives her right to do that? I think she just used the excuse to took revenge of the villagers because of her own inner hatred. She is a little bit like the villagers. When her father comes to save her, she used his power to kill all the people. It represents her extreme sides of tolerate and hatred. Does the director imply that it’s good to use wrong method for the justice goal by arranging this end?


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