Winter in Manhattan

New York city was in the heart of actuality last month when an historical storm was announced. “An unprecedented blizzard and 90cm of snow” announced authorities. What a disappointment the next morning while only 20cm of snow covered the city.

It was of course impressive to see the ghost town the night of the storm, to meet skiers a Central Park or sledding in
Brooklyn. But what I wanted to tell you this is particularly the disaster of the city the days that followed the storm.
When the snow has melted , leaving instead a muddy sidewalks. This is probably the worst time in New York. You have to wear your rain boots every day through huge puddles that you do not know the dept, cars and cab splash you on the sidewalk…

Here is the reality of New York in winter, here is the effect “after Juno’s storm”. Although less glamorous than in the fashion magazine. Your Louboutins Are in the closet and your fingers are too frozen to hold your umbrella. but do not get depressed , Central Park in a few weeks will be flowers. Spring is coming…

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  1. yzhao18 says:

    It’s a heated issue recently and I totally agree with the feelings Gmarit showed after the snowstorm. Even though it’s a pleasure to have two days off, it’s not convenient when we returned to school, walking on such a tough and dirty street. I never thought that it would be that cold on February and it’s the time which means the coming spring. However, I still feel happy to witness such a specular phenomenon that is seldom seen in my hometown.

    1. gmarit says:

      Hahaha yes it is true that we still experienced a historic moment when we could see Manhattan like a ghost town! This remains indelible memories!

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