Get out of the city! Top 3 things to make the best out of your new york living.

As stress builds up from the long work week it starts to show, and the results are not great. that 5 pound i-phone your carrying around isn’t helping, the constant beeping of your phone probably has engraved it self in your mind and your left with only so few rewards, your reward: ache muscles, dark circles,a little sadness and that oh so sedative feeling that you only get from 5 full days of work and tests.

Lucky we get a small miracle called the The Weekend, and with that we have the great option to explore something else besides our phones. New York is one of the best states to explore having a plethora of things to do and even more bucket list items to cross off, so if you don’t have anything planned for this weekend take a look below, maybe these top 3 will be something you fancy

3. New York City Exploring

Lets get the basics out of the way , if your a new yorker you’ll probably already have a love hate relationship with this city. Offering the widest variety of everything you could ever want. The nightlife, the parks( yes tons of great parks) and the options to change your plans in a second. the weekend also offers some of the best deals for what ever you want to do. your probably saying right now ” do they have bars”, yes they have bars. “Do they have shopping”, just a little. ” do they have a place that only serves mac and Cheese“, multiple. What ever it is that you have already found there is more to discover

2. Skiing (winter)

Ok so not an all year round option, right now may be the best time you can grab a board and learn how to ski/snowboard. with tons of mountains around some are just a 2 hour ride away with buses from new york city going constantly on the weekend. you can take a look at camel back and hunter mountain for a quick bus ride over. you can also check out multiple buses like Ovride 

1. End of Long island

Summer your thing? you cant beat the end of long island, forget the myths of how expensive it is, (Hamptons) you can travel on a budget and still enjoy the beach and the east tip of new york. There are a majority of things to do you have the options to vinard hop ( always a fan favorite), explore montaulk( cheap and great), visit green port, NY where you can watch some boats or just simply drive out there and explore the many things that you can do and if your feeling like your pockets are heavy you can stop by east Hampton and try to get in a club..


What ever it may be the options are endless, get out there and enjoy your PS4 will be there when you return( hopefully).






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  1. mona01fm says:

    Your blog is very helpful, I don’t like weekend because I really don’t know what I can do for fun during the weekend.

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