Blogging…What’s the point?

As I spent much of the week thinking about my very first assignment for COMM-663 (Social Media), one question persistently crept into my thoughts, making this assignment a lot tougher than I initially anticipated. I have NEVER blogged before, nor would I consider myself an avid reader of blogs in general.

I contemplated simply writing about a major social event such as the Superbowl or The Grammys and how I could make it an interesting topic even though I myself wasn’t even interested. Then I thought maybe I should choose a topic that everyone could easily relate to, such as food, possibly highlighting some unique style of cuisine or a memorable dining experience. However, every time I began to put pen to paper, so to speak, trying to flesh out each of these ideas, this one nagging question continued to consume my mind; completely wiping away and overshadowing any potential ‘progress’ on the assignment at hand. This question is probably one that is shared amongst many of my peers within COMM-663 when we first learned of our required weekly blogging assignments. The question is simple. “What’s the point?” The answer, I later found to be equally as simple.

I tend to be an extremely analytical person, sometimes to a fault. I find myself constantly questioning things, never truly satisfied with a simplified answer. When I took a moment to reflect on this fact, I realized that I needed a purpose for writing and expressing my thoughts on any topic no matter what it may be. It was at this moment that I realized that this answer, this ‘Aha!’ moment (as Oprah would say) in of itself was the perfect topic to blog about! My hope throughout the semester as it relates to these blogging assignments is to be true to myself. The purpose of blogging, for me is for self awareness and discovery. Sure, it’s great when someone else can read your blog and find purpose and meaning for themselves as well, but this, this is for me!





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  1. adiepriye says:

    Like you said the ”Aha” moment is the realization of truth to one’s self. It could just be blogging but the exercise is to strengthen us to our fullest potentials.

    1. mvanomme says:

      Agreed! I’ve been enjoying my time blogging so far- It has definitely brought me back to my first love which happens to be writing. 🙂

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