Blog This! What bothers me and does it really bother you?

Today we are confronted with many issues of which covers a wide gamut of areas.

My topic today is: Electronic Technology.  One on the more disturbing things I find myself dealing with on a daily basis is the marvelous technology enthusiasm.  I do mean that in both in a realistic yet a sarcastic way. Look at the world around you.  It is a maze of self enthralled individuals without any concern for your safety and there own.

If you think that sounds harsh or unreasonable, try to really give some serious thought. Most of you are being subjected to this and yet you may or may not really fully understand the scope of this growing problem.

I know for myself I see this situation very disturbing and unsettling.  Everywhere you go it is there by every type of individual never paying attention to there surroundings. Don’t you see the potential harm this is really developing?  You are probably saying to yourself right now this individual is nuts! Maybe so, but if you really take a minute and take heart to this you will understand the consequences involved.

I am certain by now you are getting the gist where this is heading.  If you have not yet maybe you too could be part of this growing issue. Everyone or should I rephrase that, many individuals from the very young to the older adults are caught up with themselves and the sheltering themselves from the outside world. I think we can call this Cell Phone mania.  This is not just limited to those devices, but many in this category, such as ipads, notebooks, lap tops, kindle and the type, hand held game players, mp3 players etc.

Hello you are all in danger!  You are also putting others in this same position by your unawareness of your general surroundings.  Some of these inherit dangers may not seem to be very obvious, but consider a target on a train paying absolutely no mind to who or what is around them.  You could be more likely to be under attack and create similar issues for the ones around you.  Would you like to get pushing in front of a subway while you were so involved on the platform?  It has happened already and can continue to happen. You’re too involved with your device and should maintain some sort of awareness of your general surroundings.

Other issues come to mind as I try to make my way to some place while individuals are strolling down the stairs or hallways without a care in the world or consideration for others.  People get on the bus while having a conversation, non challant and holding up everyone till they decide to find there metro card. No courtesy, nor consideration for others because of this self involvement.  Hello you are not the only one on this planet.

I do believe there should be some sort of movement to bring this to some better control for safety and courtesy towards others.  More to come, stay tuned, for yet another thrill packed episode!


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